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Hi! My name is Chrisette Michele. I am a recording artist with 13 years of experience in the arts. Welcome to my online mentorship and coaching space.  

While my experience lies mostly in the music industry, I've carved out a space in the field of self-love and empowerment. I've taken the time to receive certification in Yoga and I have opened up my very own yoga, dance, voice and mentorship studio on Long Island, New York. 

Over the last 13 years I've hosted, spoken and performed at many women's empowerment events, beauty events and self love events ranging from NYC's Beauty Con to the famous Circle of Sisters events held by WBLS. I've performed at T.D. Jakes Mega Fest, spoken at colleges from Harvard to Spelman. I've labored in community innitiatives ranging from feeding the hungry to speaking at elementary schools and high schools. I've spoken at Duke Ellington School of the Arts and at the Detroit High School for the Arts during Grammy Career Day to name a few. I have a heart for people and their empowerment. 

I will be expanding my coaching to subjects such as, "Mindset & Heartset", "Goal Setting", and "General Goal Planning". Don't worry music artists. I've still got something special for you. Our Private Consulting is going to the next level.

I am also creating events around Young Women's Empowerment to sow into the next generation of young women. Get ready to enjoy fun new themed workshops and heart warming events at RH Studios and beyond.

If you're a willing student, I would love to share my lessons with you. I'd be remiss if I kept this joy to myself. 

Welcome to RHU!


Chrisette Michele Ellison