"Rich in Heart, Rich in Art."

Chrisette Michele

Grammy Award winning Recording Artist and Creative Entrepreneur. 

- CEO of RHU



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Monthly calls with Chrisette Michele and her team to mentor you from the beginnings of your musical career thru the stages of fully releasing your musical offering?

Do You Want?

The tools to grow your social media presence and online presence so that you can get your music out there to the masses?

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Someone who's been there, someone who gets it, someones who wouldn't mind sharing every secret she's along her Grammy Award winning, song-writing, social media building, record label owning musical journey?


Independednt artist development | A mentorship program with chrisette michele

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What You'll Learn in Independent Artist Development Mentorship

  • The one on one songwriting techniques and tips you crave
  • How to truly identify your purpose and understand your niche
  • A true evaluation of your music and tips on how to improve
  • How to pick a studio, an engineer, producer and build your musical team
  • How to confidently and excellently, promote your music
  • How to release your music into the world and still feel whole
  • The difference between giving too much and not giving enough
  • How to STAY honest in the face of many gimmicks and fanfare
  • How to grow your social media and online presence authentically and organically
  • How to create a marketing campaign and roll out plan on an indie budget

What does the course include?

  • 12 Month online coaching program with monthly lectures and worksheets 
  • LIVE Online Master Classes with Chrisette Michele after each assignment 
  • LIVE Q&A webinars with the instructor and the RHU team
  • A team of graphic and web experts to help you build your online indie-empire
  • 1 ticket to attend an RHU Writers Camp Workshop
  • Correspondence for tech issues and set up help

What are you waiting on to sign up for a year that will bring your dreams closer than they've ever been? 

student Reviews

Rich Hipster University has been influential in my development as an artist. The lectures, email exchanges and Master Classes were very informative, thought provoking and encouraging. I love that the course relates to every type of artist, and that I was able to learn about many facets of the industry.Throughout the course I felt invested in, believed in and challenged. I look forward to enrolling in the next course!
— Meka Ward
This program was amazing! I just wished it would never end. Chrisette has helped me become more confident as an artist. With her experience and expertise she was able to pick up on things about me that I need to hone in on. Like she picked up on my love for fashion and style. I had been shy about exploring. She broke down it’s importance and gave great resources on how I could further develop my knowledge in that area. She gave great critiques and helped me fine tune a song idea I had been working on. Chrisette sends out very detailed and thought out messages. She’s always very encouraging and inspiring. Every Artist that’s serious about a career in the music business, should sign up for this program. It’s that great. You won’t be disappointed. Well worth the money.
— Saysha Starr
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