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Boss Development

Mentoring in our Boss Development program will prepare you in the areas of incorporating your business, managing yourself,a team, or your artist, learning the business of the music industry from royalties to copyrights, and the steps to building a competent team that will bring your career from the beginning to the career of your dreams. We specialize in the areas of touring, music production, PR, Social Media Marketing, Understanding your Niche & Genre and more.

Authentic Writers Course

The Course spans 5 weeks and each week you will learn a new Milestone and writing technique to enhance and sharpen your writing skills. You will learn how to create writing concepts and themes that are true to your personal experience and you will learn how to expand those themes into full song lyrics.

Social Media Boot camp

We hear you! Our Social Media Boot Camp is our most asked for offering! We've taken the time to get everything perfect. We know social media and the relationships artists and entrepreneurs form on it, are literally instrumental in the success of your music or product.