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We get it...

You aren't into all the glitz and glam. You've just got epic talent, you wanna be in control of your creative offering, and you want as many people to hear you as possible without signing your entire life away. 

Well, here's the good news. People aren't really signing their lives away like they used to. Artists are getting smarter about doing the bulk of the work with awesome on-line tools for self promotion and marketing. 

The invention of "Figuring it Out Yourself" that came with the millennial generation is doing a great job of making solid entrepreneurs out of independent hearted creatives. 

What's missing? Mentorship. Chrisette Michele was literally a college senior when Def Jam pulled her out of obscurity. She'd already had an awesome posse and made a load of new industry friends who she gleaned from. She's always been the curious type. 

Over the years, she's been inundated with loads of questions about the art, the industry and the human spirit. Well, she took the initiative and started the blog, online mentorship program and Live Writers Camp in 2016. The past year has been an amazing whirlwind. Students have released music, gained literally thousands of fans, created music videos and launched the beginnings of success in a short period of time. 

She's dedicated this site and all its blogs, vlogs, and podcasts to lifting the spirit of the indie artist, motivating the minds of up and coming world changers and even doing live Skype sessions with her most dedicated mentee's and coaching students. 

Coming from a family of teachers, it's no wonder she couldn't fight the urge to give back in this way. So if you haven't signed up for a course, go for it. This moment in history is something created from the heart and it's meant to give back to the hearts of those who are truly connected in the art space.

"I'd like to express gratitude to my mentors and teachers Dr. Stacia and Arianna Pierce as well as Kay Kay Clivio and Yogi Charu. With out them, I may not have been able to find the brave to be vulnerable this way. When I teach, I learn and when I learn I grow. A teachers growth before the eyes of a student is God's way of keeping us humble, eager and present. To my mother and father who love me with all their heart, thank you for this mantle. The gift of teaching is my honor to receive and give."