Mentorship "The Sistership"

photo red: Photo by  Hian Oliveira

photo red: Photo by Hian Oliveira


2018-2019 "Heartset Over Mindset"

The theme of this years mentorship program is "Heartset over Mindset". We'll be honing in on exactly how our heart and mind fuel each other and just how live a life of true success when we empower both of them with kingdom tools. Take a look at what we'll be discovering below:


  • Who am I? My attributes, my gifts, my tools...who did God make, when He made me?

  • What exactly is my personal focus? What exactly am I called to focus my hard work and attention on? What does me living out my calling look like?

  • Why have I been given this gifting? Can I explore my reason for sharing?

  • How do I stay positive and encouraged to continue even when it's not easy?


  • Tools - What tools can I place around me to be sure I don't waiver left and right?

  • Words - What words do I repeat to feed my heart and impact my choices?

  • People - How do I decide what relationships are impacting my calling and my focus?

  • Bible - What does the Bible say about my heart? How is it made? What does it do? How do I take good care of it?


Over 4 quarters we will learn how to apply a renewed mind and clean heart to real life and true success. 


4 Quarters

Each Quarter begins with a live Quarterly Talk where you will all be invited to join an online chat with CM to dive in to the quarters topics.

Quarter 1 (Sept. 29-Nov. 30): Sisterhood & Affirmations - How does what we say to ourselves and each other shape our destiny? How do words and friendships affect our heart and mind?

Quarter 2 (Dec. 1 - Jan. 25): Navigating "Success" As A "King's Kid" - How do I stay upright while dealing with a life in the world? How do I keep my mind focused on Kingdom living and manage success?

Quarter 3 (Jan. 26 - April 5): Balancing A "Real Life" And A "Real Calling" - I have so much going on. What about my personal calling? What is the mind and heart of someone who balances a full life?

Quarter 4 (April 6 - June 7)": Mindset, From Ground Zero and Up - I've lost so much. How do I re-build mentally? How do I stand tall emotionally? How do I replace what I've lost with what God has for me?


Quarterly Kickoff Workshop Events!

To set off each quarter, RH Studios will be hosting a Saturday morning event where all young women are welcome to attend. We will have incredible guest speakers with amazing testimonies and life experience to pour into our mentees. These events will include a special hands on workshop that speaks to the theme of the quarter. They will also feature a Live Q&A hosted by Chrisette Michele. 


You can participate in this years mentorship in two ways:

Full Season Online Mentorship 

  1. Access to all four quarters of mentorship

  2. All Four Quarter Summary Live Video e-Calls / Q&A's with Chrisette Michele

  3. Nine months of weekly, recorded video talks from Chrisette Michele with a "Focus Scripture", "Focus Talk" and "Assignment" sent to your email weekly

  4. Book list and book links for required reading

For the Full Season Online month program, you simply fill out the form below. Once we've received the information, we will send out a Welcome Email" and all of the links you'll need to participate in the online portion of the Mentorship. 

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Quarterly Kick Off Event Pass

In addition to our online mentorship, you can also purchase a pass for our four live events held at our new Mentorship Studio on Long Island. Hosted by Chrisette Michele and featuring a special guest speaker, you will enjoy refreshments and beverages, an awesome workshop and empowering talk on the corresponding Quarters topics. You'll receive a digital pass that you'll want to hold on to for door entry. 

Click the button below to learn more about the Quarterly Kick-Offs.


If you have any further questions you can email us at:

Be Blessed!