Konfident Kids Private Sessions w/Chrisette Michele

The "5 Konfident Kids Concepts"

Chrisette Michele has been performing in show choirs and jazz choirs from the time she was 8 years old. 

With the offering of private vocal training this summer, she prepares kids to go back to school and even auditions with confidence. 

Children will work on "5 Konfident Kids Concepts" which incorporate:

  • Attitude - The love and kindness we exude to others and the character we do it with. This helps with understanding that an audience is where we offer our talents. Approaching a stage with a positive attitude helps an audience have a good experience. 
  • Kidliness / Kindness - Bringing the kid-like energy to the stage is so important. In a day and age when kids are asked to "grow up" so quickly, they often bring that "I'm Grown" behavior to the stage. Here we encourage kids to hold on to their child-like essence. 
  • Chin-up / Smiling - Preparing kids to introduce themselves and look up when they speak is important in auditions. Shyness is certainly adorable, but it doesn't always bode well in the audition process.
  • Expression - In this concept we work with young performers to help them connect emotion to their lyrics. 
  • Movement - Movement is so important in the vocal performance of a child. Bringing just a little color thru movement helps to break up the monotony of perfectly executed lines and long notes. 

We are very comfortable with children of all abilities. Each child will have strengths and weaknesses in different areas. Similarly to the adult Private Sessions, we will pick and choose music that fits each child's personality, voice, singing level and taste.

There are levels to this and kids can reach them too!

As kids matriculate thru the program they will gain a deeper understanding of the following:

  • Tonality - We aren't afraid to address tone and voice placement in young voices. These practices can be used for life.
  • Blending - We will introduce harmony and increase in the understanding of the art form. This will help children with singing in choirs with split parts. (Soprano, Alto, Tenor etc.)
  • Breathing technique - Learning how to breathe from the diaphragm at a young age is important for future training. The breathe capacity of youth grows as impressively as an adults with proper training.
  • Posture - Standing correctly for appearance and for proper breathing is imperative at a young age. We will do fun exercises to strengthen the belly and the back.
  • Warm Up Techniques - Warm up techniques change as we age. Children have air in places that grow as they age. We will learn how to warm up the body and make the transition from head to chest voice when kids are ready, not too soon and not too late. 

This summer "Private Lessons with Chrisette Michele" are offered Tuesday - Thursday at 8 pm on Long Island NY.  from July 11th - August 30th. If you would like to schedule a session or a package of sessions simply do so below. Remember to create the appointment on Tuesday - Thursday at 8 pm only. All other appointments will be kindly re-scheduled or refunded.