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Is The artist mentorship program for me?

  • Are you an Independent Artist trying to figure out how to get your music out there?
  • Are you writing songs and stuck on the hook, or the bridge? Maybe the verses just wont come together?
  • Can’t figure out what to do with your social media?
  • Wanna grow your online platform and showcase your amazing creativity?
  • Is it time for you to finish that single, EP or album and get into the studio?
  • What about building out that website and getting to that photo shoot?

Mentorship with Chrisette Michele and the RHU Team will bring you clarity.  You will plan out your time wisely and learn what to execute first. 

You’ll stop wasting money. No more studio sessions with un-professional sounding music. No more producers with stipulations and guidelines you don’t understand. 

You’ll finally have a grasp on royalties, merchandise, music industry business basics and how to make money in the music business. 

Here's how it works!


Class Flow:

You will receive a new lecture and journaling assignment every week. RHU is committed to helping you figure it out. The lecture and journaling series are there to walk you thru the process of creating and releasing your art.

Each month in this 3 month series, you begin with a lecture and journaling assignment. 

Private Live Sessions:

Each month you and your classmates will have the opportunity to have all of your music related questions answered by Chrisette Michele and her team. In the private groups, where ONLY STUDENTS have access, Chrisette and her team take your questions and provide answers and feedback!


this3 month program walks each mentee through the following 

  1. Refining your sound and telling your story
  2. Deciding on your audience and being specific about who you want to reach
  3. Creating a social media base that attracts the audience you dream of
  4. Creating and recording the music like a professional
  5. Creating an awesome marketing and promotional campaign on any budget
  6. Delivering the music to the masses

Got Questions? Here are the most frequently asked below.


When does it start?

Mentorship begins when you join. You immediately receive access to the student portal and you start on your first month immediately.

How long is the mentorship?

Independent Artist Development is a 3 month mentorship.


The cost of the RHU Mentorship is $249 per month. 

How do I pay?

Payments come from an automatic billing system directly linked to your credit card or bank of choice. They begin on the day you enroll and repeat on that same day each month for a total of 12 months.

Do I need to be a singer and a writer?

While there are some students who have joined from different backgrounds, the program is created by a successful singer and management team for singers.


Ready to take your music to the next level? join today! Good Luck & Happy Learning!