What is a Hit Record? (...and other questions that kill the indie spirit)

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I hear this question a lot. I hate it. It’s sad actually. The idea that one song is better than another, or one voice is more special. The idea that one person overshadows another or one talent is more important. 

The truth is, there is a thing called popular. While popularity does require much talent and discipline, it requires a social life that most people couldn’t have if they owned an airline, all of the worlds clubs and VIP access to every award show on the planet. 

The truth is, many different kinds of talents rise to the height of mass media in due season. The trick is, staying social enough for your particular talent to be seen at the right time. 

Many complain about the sound of slurred lyrics and concepts of sex, drugs and partying. This sound, isn’t new. It was perfected in the seventies with sweaty sex symbols, crack, glitter and words that were never quite found in the dictionary. 

Take a moment to look back to the Jazz, be-bop era, when instead of words, creative combinations of jibberish were combined and called “scat”.  Someone thought that was ridiculous.  Now people refer to is as classic. We judge what is popular, when we aren’t what is. A hit record is simply what is popular at the time. Music is cyclical. What you love most will come back around. 

My advice? Continue to sharpen your gift. Continue to prune and cultivate it. Learn the ins and outs of the music industry. Pay close attention to the times but don’t give the times too much heart. Everything changes, and everything has a season. 

What you have inside of you is a hit. Perfect it. Master it. Make it the absolute best it can be. When it's time for you to share your offering with the audience divinely chosen for you, you’ll be well groomed and well prepared. What rises to the top, are those who were prepared at the bottom. Be your authentic best where you are. When your’re ready, reveal yourself again and again. Your truth will resonate, maybe just one person at a time will understand, but you’ll discover your niche in due time if you stay true.

Authenticity is the key to true discovery. Once you’ve truly tapped into who you are and what your life experience offers your art, you’ll communicate it and create around it. 

Keep looking within. Keep refining your gift. When YOU believe in YOU and are brave enough to bet on yourself with reckless abandon, you’ll hit exactly where you’re supposed to. How many artist came out and you looked at them sideways while they performed with such conviction and confidence. It’s never about being better than the rest, it’s about being your best authentic self. 

Be so well gifted ones, 

Chrisette Michele

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