Voga Voce

"Singing is fun. If you're tense, you're not practicing Yoga Voce." - Chrisette Michele
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The story of yoga voce

I have been asked 100's of times how I sing 90 minutes straight night after night on tour and how I stay so calm in the midst of touring, coaching, speaking, owning a boutique, acting, blogging & vlogging.

I'd been contemplating how to answer this question for years. One night it all came to me. I literally had to get up and write down what I heard before I lost it and I couldn't move on from the concept until I let it out for the world to hear!


In my head, there it was! A way to explain how my back-stage yoga warm ups, mixed with my classical voice training & vocal exercises paired with my Christian based, centering approach to purpose all comes together to make me who I am on stage.

I've never felt so deeply prompted to share a concept so quickly, but I couldn't keep it inside! This new concept to voice training is so innovative and exciting to me that I simply HAD to share it personally. That's why I've created the "Yoga Voce" Training Clinic & Private Voice Instruction.

Here are the "Yoga Voce Private Sessions" levels:

First Level of Training - Ear & Breath

In this level we take vocalists thru the process of note matching and the perfecting of pitch. Once this level is complete students will have a better understanding of their vibrato, and the effect their tone has on pitch. Students will also work hard on classic voice warm ups, Yoga Voce style warm-ups and perfecting their speaking tone to improve their singing voice. In self-work, students will explore the connection they have to music, and how their gift serves themselves & others. 

Second Level of Training - Tone & Phrasing

By now students are very comfortable singing freely both freestyling and structured. In this level we are adding on the the first by exploring the students authentic style and tonality. This level is where students begin to build their signature singing style. Here we will continue to tackle breath issues but we will go deeper into the individuality of the singer as they begin to explore stylization. 

Third Level of Training - Expression

This level is building on levels 1 & 2 adding a personal character to the individual sound. Here we find natural movements and blend the art of physical movement with the music. It’s important to note that this level is best suited for performance. We are exploring how to emote on a stage here, creating an authentic visual for an audience. 

Fourth Level of Training - Repertoire

In this advanced level we are adding music to the repertoire. We are choosing songs that speak to the character of the performer as well as the tone and lifestyle & experience of the artist. It’s so important to build a repertoire in order to share the many layers of ones life and style. This level is for the artists who are very serious about performing. 

In each of the above levels students will have the Yoga Voce Experience, learning its signature techniques for vocal warm up, adding yoga to open up the body and heart center and exploring the self, finding the heart of each artists creative offering. 

In a "Yoga Voce Training Clinic" You Will Learn:

  • How I use yoga to open up my air-passages and center my spirit before every performance
  • Hip opening exercises that release tense muscles and impair diaphragm expansion
  • Proper grounding techniques to “purposefully perform” from a centered and authentic place
  • How I release my head tone
  • How your speaking voice can improve to keep your singing voice healthy
  • True connection between you and your audience

I will also lecture on subjects that I continue to see much confusion & questioning around, like:

  • The experience of having a major label deal
  • The art of running your own independent operation
  • The importance of giving un-selfishly & the difference between singing and ministering
  • Finding your flow on stage: “Confidence is 'Humility & Purpose' Combined”
  • Tone & Stylization: “Finding Your On-stage Character & Truth”

In a "Yoga Voce Training Clinic" you will receive:

  • A brand new vocal technique to enhance your performance experience
  • A Yoga Voce yoga mat for your own at home and backstage usage 
  • A Yoga Voce towel
  • A Yoga Voce warm up sheet to remind you of your new warm ups and guide you thru your personal vocal growth
  • A special offering to use towards your first "Yoga Voce Private Session w/Chrisette Michele"


Next Yoga Voce Training Clinic:

There is a group of people who need to feel more centered, balanced, less tense and more fluid in their breathing. They need to have a deeper connection to why they sing and a way to share it with out fear!

I've got the tools! Who would've known I'd spend 10 years in the music industry and feel the calling to get back to my roots and teach where I pull from and how?

I'm never afraid to follow my heart and so here it is! Yoga Voce, a vocal training lesson pairing and clinic camp that will change the way you sing and connect to your breath forever! 

If you're ready to get grounded in your breath technique, centered in your purpose, fearless about releasing your gift and comfortable in your head, mask and chest vocal space, find a training or coaching session near you!

I am hand delivering these sessions with stops in a different city each month. I am also training a few close friends that I went to school with so that as the demand grows, we'll have what it takes to answer the Yoga Voce call.

I'm so excited to bring this vision to fruition. Might we all be blessed in a Yoga Voce Clinic as we explore breath, voice, self & purpose together!