Konfident Kids Choir


Konfident Kids Choir | A 6 week Summer Workshop For Kids 7-teen on Long Island, New York | July 15 thru August 20th, 2017

Announcing an exciting collaboration with “Layla’s Dance & Drum” and RHU! Chrisette Michele will be giving voice instruction to children this summer with Lion King as the theme. 

This six week workshop for kids 7 - teen will be held each Saturday Morning from 10-11 am from July 15 - August 20th where the children will have the opportunity to perform on a live stage. 

The children will learn Chrisette’s breathing techniques, “Yoga Voce”, pairing classical training with the relaxing fluidity of yoga to get the body warm and ready to sing!

The children will learn classic vocal warm-ups and begin training with the same harmony drills that Chrisette uses with her very own vocalists. 

In this 6 week workshop children will use sheet music and ear training to learn the Broadway Lion King selection “Hakuna Matata” under the direction of Chrisette Michele. They will have the opportunity to perform at a very special banquet on August 20th. 

Seating has already begun to fill up so be sure to register for this awesome program today!

The "Early Registration Gathering" will be held on Saturday July 8th at 10 am. 

You can attend the "Early Registration Gathering" where Chrisette Michele will be in attendance to share her thoughts and answer parents questions or you can register in advance with the information below! Kids are welcome to bring a 30 second preparation to the gathering to sing for Chrisette. 

The full 6 week workshop is $180 dollars or 6 weekly payments of $30 dollars each. 

To Register:

Email “Layla’s Dance & Drum” at AnayoMichel@yahoo.com in the Sign Up Sheet below! We will return your email or phone call. You can also visit the studio on Saturdays between 1-8 pm. Layla’s Dance & Drum is located at: 2 East Merrick Rd., Valley Stream, NY

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