Strictly R&B Songwriters Course

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RHU Strictly R&B Songwriters Course

RHU Strictly R&B Songwriters Course

R&B is Chrisette Michele’s forte. She has a soulful understanding of the genre and articulates her passion for the genre with her pen. In this course she will share the secrets behind her Grammy Award winning music and chart topping songs spanning over a decade.

This course is for the R&B writer and singer. Both singers and writers will learn what EXACTLY makes a song R&B and what elements are needed in the writing process. Students in the course will learn what modern sounds and technology add to todays R&B and detailed examples of how R&B plays a major role in the music business today. Students will also receive a basic understanding of the songwriting business from publishing and copyright to royalties and streaming.

In this course chrisette michele gets personal.

She will share the writing and co-writing process and/or breakdown of:

“If I Have My Way”

“Be Ok”

“Blame it On Me”

“Out of Control”

“A Couple of Forevers'“

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In 6 weeks you'll go thru five Basic songwriting modules in the following subjects:

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1. Write your real life

What is authentic to me? How can I get my truth or my clients truth onto the page?

2. Authentic Messaging

What messages do I want to put into the world? What do I want to be known for saying?

3. Creating A Theme

How do I tie a song together and make it seamless in subject and style?

4. SOng format and building a story line

What goes in a chorus? What's the point of a bridge? How do I use all of those elements to create a well-formatted song and story line?

5. Creating a body of work

Now that I've written the song or songs, how do I make a full project? How do I create a track-listing?

What you'll receive

A set of 6 talks with Chrisette Michele where she shares her knowledge on the subject of songwriting and shares personal experiences, tips and advice

  • Chrisette personally created the subjects and talks around what she finds to be most pressing questions for new and seasoned writer/artists. In these talks she shares the answers and the experiences that taught her those answers.

A set of 5 Downloadable & Printworthy PDF's to coincide with each weeks talk and journaling exercise:

  • Each weeks module comes complete with its own notes and exercises for you to focus on for the week. You can reprint them as you see fit to use when ever you hit a writers hurdle!

Access to the RHU Artist Collective Private FaceBook Page:

  • Live weekly Q&A’s with Chrisette Michele and Music industry executive, Doug Ellison

  • Chrisette Michele will personally answer you and your classmates questions as it pertains to the course

  • You'll become a part of a private online community where you can meet and learn from other RHU Artists and hear their stories.

Course price is $250

Scholarship for Authentic Songwriters Course Application

This application is for the songwriter who has songwriting goals but may currently lack the funds to pay for such a course as this. For each session Chrisette will personally take a look at the top applications and choose recipients for a full scholarship and for a partial scholarship. Good luck and God Bless!

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