Authentic Songwriters Course

September 24 - October 29

 RHU Authentic Songwriters Course

RHU Authentic Songwriters Course

After spending hours with students from around the country in the studio, Chrisette nails down the most common difficulties artists tend to have while creating music. 

This course is for the artist who wants to create a body of work from their own personal experience. 

In this course you will learn:

  • How to channel your life experiences and turn them into actual songs

  • How to be a clear and authentic songwriter

  • How to find a theme that speaks to your truth and your audience

  • How to turn one theme in to a full body of work

  • How to build a storyline and keep your listeners attention

In 5 weeks you'll go thru five modules in the following subjects:

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1. Write your real life

How do I channel my truth and bring it to life in lyric form?

2. Authentic Messaging

What is keeping me from sharing my story? What do I really want to say?

3. Creating A Theme

How can my make my music more relatable? How do I tie all of my experiences together?

4. SOng format and building a story line

What goes in a chorus? What's the point of a bridge? How do I use all of those elements to create a well-formatted song and story line?

5. Creating a body of work

Now that I've written the song or songs, how do I make a full project? How do I create a track-listing?

What you'll receive

A set of 5 talks with Chrisette Michele where she shares her knowledge on the subject of songwriting and shares personal experiences, tips and advice

  • Chrisette personally created the subjects and talks around what she finds to be most pressing questions for new and seasoned writer/artists. In these talks she shares the answers and the experiences that taught her those answers.

A set of 5 Downloadable & Printworthy PDF's to coincide with each weeks talk and journaling exercise:

  • Each weeks module comes complete with its own notes and exercises for you to focus on for the week. You can reprint them as you see fit to use when ever you hit a writers hurdle!

Access to the RHU Artist Collective Private FaceBook Page:

  • Chrisette Michele will personally answer you and your classmates questions as it pertains to the course

  • Chrisette, some of her industry commrades and teammates will do live chats to share their music industry knowledge and prowess in an un-intimidating environment.

  • You'll become a part of a private online community where you can meet and learn from other RHU Artists and hear their stories.

Scholarship for Authentic Songwriters Course Application

This application is for the songwriter who has songwriting goals but may currently lack the funds to pay for such a course as this. Chrisette will personally take a look at the top applications and choose 3 recipients. Good luck and God Bless!

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